KINETIC is a modular software suite of affordable technology that enables accessable tailored solutions for all types businesses. If you want to digitalise your business in any way, KINETIC can do it.

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The Kinetic Software suite emphasises scalability through modularity. We have built our software to be stackable and extensible. As your business changes, your technology will adapt with it.



We understand that technology is often expensive, that's why we tailor each solution to meet your business's financial position. With Kinetic, our solutions scale and aim to minimise your expenditure.



Its often daunting investing in new technology and not as easy as just "switching it on". Wherever you are in your understanding of technology, we make sure to keep things transparent with simple architecture.

  • Case Study 1 - B2B to B2C Logistics

    Momentium developed an e-commerce website called MMucho that allowed customers to order directly from the site. Customers are also allowed to order from other sites and deliver to VTlogistic's warehouses for consolidation. MMucho used the logistics module to combine orders and manage their warehouse staff.

  • Case Study 2 - Online Events

    11th Space is a co-working space in Melbourne that focuses on engaging with its community and members. They often run events and learning session to bring the community closer. When COVID-19 hit, Momentium supported 11th Space creating an online event platform / intranet. With this 11th Space was able to continue to engage with thier members.

  • Case Study 3 - Sporting Event Mgmt.

    Youth Floorball Academy (YFA) is a floorball training and competition management organisation. With hundreds of members, concurrent events, and multiple venues, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. Momentium streamlined YFA's attendence and member management process by creating an attendence scanner, tokenised system, and competition statistics. YFA used the event mangement, gamification, dashboard modules.

Kinetic System Modules

Our technology licenses do not have any hidden costs and don't increase based on users. Each module is simply AUD100 a month, with discounts if you need multiple. Scroll through to see some of our modules:

Technology Service Packs

Support or Customisation is simplified. Instead of overpaying, just pay for Time Bundles at set prices. We'll recommend you the best pack for your needs.

AUD600 Pack


  • ~10 Hours
  • For Support
  • For Customisation
  • 50% Annual Acrual
AUD2280 Pack


  • ~40 Hours
  • For Support
  • For Customisation
  • 50% Annual Accrual
AUD8640 Pack


  • ~160 Hours
  • For Support
  • For Customisation
  • 50% Annual Accrual